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What is wrong with the Liberal Party of Canada in a nutshell

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Last night I posted a comment on a political forum called Radio Free Amigoville on Facebook. It was hardly controversial, given the fact that David McGuinty lost his critic job, Dalton McGuinty is out of a job as Premier of Ontario, and Justin Trudeau apologized for his comments about Albertans being unfit to hold power in Ottawa today.

Here’s the comment:

 Can you say ‘toast’? Done, done and overdone. And the McGuinty brothers didn’t help. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/story/2012/11/22/pol-trudeau-tele-quebec-comments-alberta-quebec.html.  

For this, I was subjected to over an hour of harassment, sexist language, and intense personal attack by a member of the Barrie Liberal Constituency Association. Not one of the  members of this so-called progressive group came to my aid during that time. Remember, the federal Liberals have been, quite rightly, up in arms about harassment of women in the RCMP  and  claim to stand up for sexual equality and against  abuse of any kind.  But actions speak louder than words.

When my friend and colleague Gordon Tolton, (great author by the way, well worth reading his books) took a stance in opposition,  these so-called progressives totally missed the point, obviously thinking it is OK to stand silent when someone who threatens their party’s pursuit of power is abused.

One of the individuals on that site seems more upset that I reported this behaviour than that it went on at all. That is Liberal indoctrination, brain-washing, — loyalty and silence at any cost.  Having been a Liberal activist in my mis-spent youth,  I know that good Liberals are supposed to be keep it a secret ‘in the family’  when the Liberals engage in abuse and bullying. (You are being set up for a personal disaster, if you believe that, young woman or young man.)

This is exactly the kind of behaviour that I encountered when I was harassed by members of the same party in the 1990s. Rather than making a move to do anything about it, I was told to keep quiet. Then slandered. Then harassed some more.

Federal and provincial Liberals, some of whom continue to hold positions of power in Ottawa, kept quiet in order to win and keep a seat. God knows why I don’t spill some names: perhaps I’m still half indoctrinated. It cost me dearly to put silence and loyalty above my own interests, and my own right to redress.

I should never have done it.  No one should ever do that, no matter how loyal you are to an employer, a political party or even a church.

I had hoped losing would have taught Liberals (and the feds and prov libs are the same people, in most cases) something. It hasn’t. Obviously, this is not a party ready to govern in the short-term, anywhere.

Same party. Same story. Win at all costs. Scorch the earth.

They will get no ‘third chance’ from me.  But that does not mean they should not try to clean up their act. I know there are a few decent Liberals out there. Please clean up your party.  That will be redress enough.


Written by janeharris(harris-zsovan)

November 24, 2012 at 1:16 am