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Pay Day Loans not the only choice for Marginalized Canadians

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I’ve wanted to tackle this topic in my column for a while. Many marginalized Canadians think the banks won’t help them, but that isn’t always the case.


Creative Writing Workshop Starts October 22nd.

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Creative Writing Workshop Starts October 22nd.

It’s a go. Creative Writing I starts October 22nd at Lethbridge College. You can register for this workshop (six Tuesday evenings) online, in-person, or by telephone.

Writers of all ages, genres, both non-fiction & fiction, and writing levels welcome.

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October 9, 2013 at 10:02 pm

Canada’, the land of promise

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Here’s an article I wrote for Maranatha News for Canada Day! Enjoy.

Camilla’s Canadian Roots

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Not many people (in Canada or other parts of the Commonwealth) realize this, but Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, has deep Canadian roots.

She and her mother  descend from Sir Allan Napier MacNabb, one of Premiers of the United Province of Canada.

Sir Allan, mentored a young lawyer from Kingston (via Glasgow). That young lawyer and MLA became  Canada’s First Prime Minister, Sir John A. Madonald. (McNabb started his career in public service, fighting to defend the colony from American attack in the War of 1812)

As far as I know, Camilla is the only member of the Canadian Royal family to have French Canadian ancestors, going back to the 17th century New France.

One of her Canadian ancestors was a member of the North West Mounted Police Force. (The predecessor of of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.)

Here, Camila talks of losing her mother to osteoporosis:  Camilla writes about ‘heartbreaking’ loss of her mother.

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October 25, 2011 at 7:51 pm

Looking forward to my December Talk with Alberta History Buffs

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This and more at the Galt Museum in Lethbridge this fall:

DEC 07 Coal, Culture and Confederation with Jane Harris-Zsovan. 
Three generations of Galt men –John, Sir Alexander and Elliott 
– shared a poetic vision for a united and vibrant Canada.
Lethbridge, the only Canadian city co-founded by a 
Father of Confederation, 
is a living example of the Galts’ Canadian dream.

Eugenics and the Firewall: Canada’s Nasty Little Secret and I attended Lethbridge’s WOTS

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Lethbridge’s Word on the Street Festival  proved that a small city can successfully put together and event usually found only in larger cities. There were a few first year glitches and oversights, but overall, WOTS was fantastic for Alberta authors and it was wonderful promotion for the City of Lethbridge.

I loved reading from Eugenics and the Firewall  and participating in the “Getting into Writing” panel.A

Above, is a picture of some of the books, including Eugenics and the Firewall: Canada’s Nasty Little Secret, that were on sale at the University of Lethbridge Bookstore WOTS tent. (If you’re in Southern Alberta, and would like a copy of Eugenics and the Firewall, please drop by the University of Lethbridge bookstore. You’ll also find it in Chapters, McNally Robinson, Audreys, the U of T Bookstore, and dozens more independent and university bookstores throughout Canada.

You can also borrow Eugenics and the Firewall: Canada’s Nasty Little Secret from a local public library,  including the Lethbridge Public Library, The Edmonton Public Library, University of Manitoba libraries, The University of Saskatchewan Library, Toronto Public Library Queen’s University Library, and the University of Calgary Library.  Here’s a  partial listing of some of the libraries Eugenics and the Firewall is available in throughout Canada and around the world.

Readings and Events

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I tweeted this earlier:

"Author Encounter, Crossings Library, Tuesday night; Jane Harris-Zsovan,
Blaine Greenwood, Richard Stevenson, and Ken Sears. 

It’s all part of the only Word on the Street to take place in Alberta, 25 September.

Here is Lethbridge’s Word on the Street Blog. (I’m also participating in that event.)

Arts Days, including Art Walk and Arts Fest, are the following week. I’m also doing a 
reading there, but haven’t got all the details, yet.

Come one; come all to the only city in Canada, co-founded by Father of Confederation,
who just happens to be the son of the Scottish poet who founded Guelph and wrote 
my favourite poem, "Canadian Reflections." 
We love talking books down here!