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Media Reviews Finding Home in the Promised Land

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Emily Rivas’ review of Finding In the Promised Land, a personal history of homelessness and social exile (J. Gordon Shillingford October 2015) appears in the Jan/Feb issue of This Magazine:

Harris delivers the information in a way that’s both intriguing and easy to understand. Connecting the systematic bureaucratic problems of homlessness in Canada to her own real life experiences makes Harris an effective and convincing storyteller. By the end of the book, readers might find themselves questioning whether they’re part of the societal problem, too. “- EMILY RIVAS, This Magazine, January/February 2016. 

Andrea Geary’s review appeared in the Winnipeg Free Press on Boxing Day: 

“Harris … uses excerpts taken from notes she made at the time throughout the book to help illustrate her journey back from despair. These glimpses into her life at its lowest point add a personal touch to the more factual information she includes about Canada’s poor, and make the book more accessible.” ANDREA GEARY, Winnipeg Free Press, December 26, 2015.



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