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Eugenics and the Firewall

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Here’s the national launch poster for the 17 November 2010 launch: GS_eugenics_rev poster

Eugenics and the Firewall will be published this fall. Writing it took me on anamazing journey through Alberta’s past and political culture. I got a chance to

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look at Albertan’s changing attitudes  toward the Sexual Sterilization Act.

The Province of Alberta’s handling of the eugenics issue during the 20th century is fascinating, and a cause for both hope and worry.  The saga shows us the belief systems underlying Alberta’s political culture. (And Albertans aren’t as right wing or as homogeneous as pundits claim. )

Hundreds of lives were ruined by the public’s blind trust in a theory, politicians’ adherence to ideology and expert recommendations, and the voters’  faith in the moral  rightness of  the provincial government. This fascinating saga has lessons for all Canadians of every political stripe.

Details about launch date to come.